The best summoner builds Calamity in Terraria - 24sSports (2023)

The best summoner builds Calamity in Terraria - 24sSports (1)

The popular Calamity mod for Terraria adds even more content to the base game, with enemies, bosses and new biomes to explore, meaning there will be plenty of new ways to die as the game progresses. Calamity also adds a few new ways to fight back, new gear and weapons, and even a new class system where you can choose your playstyle. If you prefer lounging near combat rather than frantically dodging and running into enemies to strike again, then you should probably give the summoner class a healthy shake. Here are our best Summoner builds for Terraria Calamity, from pre-Hardmode to pre-Moon Lord.

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Pre-Hardmode summoner build

If you’re still building your original shelter, that’s a good excuse for not having cleared the Wall of Flesh to get into Hardmode. Until you decide to sacrifice the Guide to Hell, you’ll have to fight a bit to get a decent summons. A quick rule of thumb is to always have a ranged weapon handy to take down stronger enemies – even a basic bow can help take down enemies sooner, meaning less to worry about. Before Hardmode we recommend this gear:

  • Ogscule
    • This strange weapon randomly fires lasers around the player, with some of the largest pre-hardmode DPS available. The classless weapon (which means it’s free to use by any class) is more than enough to eliminate most threats while your minions do the rest of the work, but don’t be afraid to move around a bit, to stay alive while she charges for 5 seconds between 10 second bursts.
      • This weapon can only be dropped by Demon Eyes while wearing full wooden armor. It’s an odd fall condition, but it’s an odd weapon.
  • snap thorn
    • This is your melee weapon that you use to control your minions. Whips cause all summoned minions to focus on the target hit, so this weapon can be useful for dealing extra damage and focusing minions in frantic fights. The bad news is that you have to work your way through the jungle to do this, but you can gather the necessary materials to do so belladonna spirit staff while you’re there
      • Spike (x15)
      • Vine (x3)
      • Jungle Spurs (x12)
  • Belladonna spirit staff
    • This staff summons an ethereal forest spirit minion that can fly through walls and poison enemies for a hefty DoT. Reforge it to meet Mythical and keep the spirit up to eliminate most of the enemies on screen – you don’t even have to pay attention unless there’s a boss fight.
      • Vine (x4)
      • Jungle Spurs (x5)
      • Spike (x8)
      • Rich Mahogany (x25)
  • Staff of the Sun Spirits
    • This staff summons a sun that hovers over the players’ heads and fires beams of energy at nearby enemies. He’s one of the fastest firing pre-Hardmode minions and puts out a decent punishment with a base damage of 39.
      • sandstone bricks (x20)
      • Desert Feather (x2)
  • Wulfrum armor (set)
    • Wulfrum might not offer the best defense, but the extra minion slot it offers means you can dish out even more punishment in return. Additionally, double-tapping this set converts it into heavier armor, allowing you to take even more punishment in exchange for a unique Wulfrum scrap metal. Note that you can only use the built-in weapon in Power Armor mode.
      • Wulfrum Metal Scrap (x25)
      • Power Core (x3)

Hardmode – Summoner build for mechanical bosses

The best summoner builds Calamity in Terraria - 24sSports (2)

Once you’ve completed the Wall of Flesh, you’ll have many more materials to explore. While many of the items in a pre-mechanic trio build are farmed from resummoning enemies, don’t neglect material gathering to round out this build. This build takes its true form in Hardmode, as the screen can fill up with enemies during a litany of events – the biggest benefit a summoner can offer during these times is the ability to target high-health mobs during the The rest of the group trades the garbage

  • cracker
    • This whip offers a base 38 damage per hit and focuses all your minions on the target hit. If your minions hit the target hit by the firecracker, the target will explode for 2.75 times the minion’s damage. Leave Firecracker procced on the enemies with the highest HP or you’ll lose way too much DPS to keep this build viable.
      • Has a 12.5% ​​chance to drop from the Wall of Flesh.
  • dart gun
    • Many players will encourage you to stay in your class when equipping, but when it comes to execution, there are far too often instances where a ranged weapon is immensely helpful. Whether you’re attempting dungeon farming or working your way through the hallowed biome, a bit of range is a comfortable break. The Dart Rifle is sufficient for this remedy, using darts as ammunition. Reforge it until it gains the Unreal modifier and use it when the situation calls for it.
      • Has a 20% chance to drop from Corrupt Mimics. If your world has the crimson instead Sea’s Searing can be an acceptable exchange.
  • Bloody Staff
    • The Sanguine Staff summons a bat minion that stays at the summoner’s side until an enemy is seen. At this point, he begins to fly a loop between the player and the enemy. This summon is extremely valuable as it deals consistent damage – the weakest point of any summoner build. The bad news here is that you have to farm blood moons to hope they drop.
      • Has a 50% chance to drop from the Dreanautilus during a Blood Moon.
  • clam stick
    • This summon is one of the more enjoyable summons available before the mechanical boss. The Shellfish Staff summons shellfish that attaches to an enemy and inflicts DoT with a base of 75 DPS. Summoners can summon up to five shellfish bound to the same target at once, but be warned – each shellfish takes up two minion slots. Have an enchanting table ready to increase your minion capacity.
      • Drops from the Giant Clam Miniboss at a 25% rate.
  • Summoner Emblem
    • This is a necessary tool of summoner crafting and increases damage done by 15% for minions, guardians, and whips.
      • Dropped by the Wall of Flesh at a rate of 12.5%.
  • Obsidian armor
    • Increases your whip range and attack speed while increasing your minion damage by 15%, stacking with other buffs. The full set gives the minion attack bonus – either use the full set or don’t use any of them.
      • Silk (x30)
      • Obsidian (x60)
      • Shadowscale or Tissue Sample (x30)

Pre-Moon Lord Summoning build

The best summoner builds Calamity in Terraria - 24sSports (3)

They have a ton of bosses under their belt and are likely glowing a few different colors at this stage of the game. There are still many humble slices of pie in your future, too, but you can mitigate some of them by finding a reliable damage build that gives you enough time to dodge the absurdly fast attacks in your near future. Try this set:

  • morning star
    • This massive whip deals 165 damage and grants minions the ability to critically strike enemies. While kaleidoscope offers greater instant damage with 180, Morning Star offers a larger critical hit buff for your minions – this weapon offers a 12% buff compared to the Kaleidoscopes’ 10%. It also offers the largest recoil on whips in the game, meaning you have plenty of breathing room to maneuver enemies.
      • The Morning Stardrops in Hardmode dungeon after Plantera with a 0.5% chance – use battle potions and water candles to increase spawn and decrease grind.
  • Resurrection Butterfly
    • The Resurrection Butterfly’s strength is not in damage per hit (base 65), but in how often it attacks. This summon spawns two butterflies per spell (only costs one minion slot per), with one flying through enemies to deal damage while the other shoots petals at it. If you can afford the slots, don’t be afraid to bring out two or three pairs.
      • Silk (x40)
      • Ectoplasm (x20)
      • Life Alloy (x5)
      • Butterfly Dust (x2)
      • Gold Butterfly (x2003)
  • terra prism
    • This weapon summons a sword that attacks enemies on its own – the attack comes quickly, they are effective, and you can summon multiple swords. A simple buff to this weapon is to simply allocate more minion slots to summon more Terra Prisms, resulting in more outgoing damage.
      • A guaranteed drop from the Empress of Light if all damage dealt occurs throughout the day. This is one of the most difficult battles under these pretenses, as the Empress can only be summoned at night, meaning you’ll be dodging until day – don’t summon anything until day or you won’t complete the challenge.
  • Creepy armor
    • For this build we want the Creepy armor set to increase minion damage by 25%. The Plaguebringer armor set offers 3 additional summon slots, but the Spooky armor is simply BiS to the post-moon lord. With five active minions, Spooky Armor provides a whopping 790% damage increase for minions. Switch to Stardust Armor Post-Moon Lord and keep Summoner Emblem active. The best summoner builds Calamity in Terraria

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Curtis Crabtree

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    What is the best summoner loadout in Terraria calamity? ›

    • Weapon: Dormant Brimseeker.
    • Weapon: Sun God Staff.
    • Sentry: Cryogenic Staff.
    • Armor: Spider armor.
    • Accessory: Frozen Wings, Jelly-Charged Battery, Summoner Emblem, Angel Treads, Ornate Shield, Hallowed Rune.
    Apr 8, 2022

    What is the strongest summoner setup in Terraria? ›

    Armor: Stardust Set. The Stardust armor set is presently the strongest option for the Summoner because of its inherent ability to augment summon weapons, which is important for this class. Three things are included in the set: Helmet made with stardust.

    Is Summoner good in calamity? ›

    Summoner — The summoning class is good at dealing with multiple threats, but most summoner armors have low defense, and minions are often inaccurate against enemies that move very quickly.

    What is the max number of minions in Terraria calamity? ›

    Only one can be summoned at a time.

    What is the strongest summoner weapon? ›

    Each of the Tavernkeep's sentry summon weapons come in three tiers: Rod, Cane, and Staff; with the Staff being the most expensive and the most powerful.

    What is the best summon modifier in Terraria calamity? ›

    The best universal modifier is Godly or Demonic. The two modifiers only differ in knockback, a stat that is not considered very useful (or even beneficial) in many situations. The difference in knockback is also negligible enough that Godly and Demonic can be treated as the same modifier.

    Is Terraprisma the best summon? ›

    It is the best summon weapon in Terraria in terms of DPS . A disadvantage, however, is its short range. Because the Terraprisma does not move through blocks, while arguably the best/highest damage summon weapon available, some players might opt for minions that ignore blocks altogether, such as Xeno Staff's UFO's.

    What is the strongest Terraria class? ›

    The Magic class boasts some of the most devastating and varied weapons in Terraria, all with dramatically different effects.

    Who is the most powerful in calamity lore? ›

    Silva, the most powerful of the four, was one of immense wisdom and strength.

    Who is the strongest FF summoner? ›

    The strongest Summon in the franchise is Yojimbo from Final Fantasy X. This Samurai mercenary waits in a cave for a player to come along with enough Gil to hire them. His power comes from a player willing to spend hundreds of thousands of Gil for his services and a complex formula.

    Can you get 600 hearts in Terraria? ›

    With 15 Life Crystals and 20 Life Fruits used, a character can reach 20 gold hearts, which equals 500 health capacity. A further temporary boost to 600 health capacity can be achieved using a Lifeforce Potion.

    How many minions spawn in 20 minutes? ›

    On every third wave up until 20 minutes, there are 7 minions: 3 melee minions, 1 siege minion, and 3 caster minions.

    What is the hardest boss in calamity Terraria? ›

    Moon Lord is the hardest boss undoubtedly within Terraria.

    Is summoner the weakest Terraria? ›

    Summoner, in my opinion, is the worst class. He has the lowest defense and has good damage against enemies, but his defense is so low he dies extremely easily. He can't do much against bosses of any kind if he doesn't have endgame gear.

    What is the best hard mode summon? ›

    Best Hardmode Summoner Weapons
    Spider Staff26
    Blade Staff6
    Pygmy Staff34
    Deadly Sphere Staff50
    2 more rows
    Aug 17, 2021

    What is the rarest calamity item in Terraria? ›

    The Slime Staff has the lowest drop chance of any item in the game and is, therefore, the rarest.

    What does stealth do in calamity mod? ›

    Stealth strikes summon sparks on enemy hits. Stealth strikes have +20 armor peneration, deal 10% more damage, and heal for 1 HP.

    What is code 1 best modifier Terraria? ›

    The Code 1 is a yoyo purchased from the Traveling Merchant for 5 once the Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated. It has a spin duration of 9 seconds, and can reach up to 13.5 tiles. Its best modifier is Godly or Demonic. Both modifiers increase the average damage output by the same amount.

    How do you summon 11 minions? ›

    The max number of minions that can be summoned can be increased with certain armors and accessories. The max number of minions a player can summon at one time is 11, using Stardust Armor, Necromantic Scroll, Pygmy Necklace, Papyrus Scarab, Summoning Potion and Bewitching Table.

    How many minions spawn in 14 minutes? ›

    10 for the first 14 minutes of the game.

    What summon has the most HP? ›

    Black Knife Tiche

    The new best Summon in Elden Ring is Black Knife Tiche, a Spirit Ash that can quite literally defeat many bosses by itself. This is thanks to its massive HP pool and high mobility, allowing it to survive even late-game bosses with plenty of health to spare.

    What is the strongest sword in Terraria? ›

    So, TL;DR – the most powerful sword you can craft is the Zenith. What is considered to be an amalgamation of many cool swords from throughout the game, Zenith is one of Terraria's best weapons and obliterates any enemy with ease.

    Who drops Terraprisma? ›

    Terraprisma is a powerful summon weapon that is dropped from the Empress of Light only when all damage dealt to the Empress occurs during the day. The Empress enrages during the daytime, causing all of her attacks to instantly kill the player, which vastly increases the difficulty of the boss fight.

    What is the hardest enemy in Terraria? ›

    Top 10 Hardest Terraria Bosses
    1. 1 Duke Fishron. Will destroy you if you are not ready. ...
    2. 2 Moon Lord. Literally the final boss. ...
    3. 3 The Twins. They seem easy, but will kick your ass if you aren't ready. ...
    4. 4 Plantera. ...
    5. 5 Skeletron Prime. ...
    6. 6 Eye of Cthulhu. ...
    7. 7 Wall of Flesh. ...
    8. 8 King Slime.

    What is the weakest monster in Terraria? ›

    The Blood Feeder is one of the weakest enemies in Hardmode.

    Who is Lord yharim? ›

    Yharim is the current, oppressive, ruler of Terraria. He leads a massive army, which he rules over with an iron fist, and his influence is felt by almost everyone throughout the planet.

    Is Murasama in calamity? ›

    It can be found in The Underworld's Bio-center Arsenal Lab, contained within a Security Chest. Although Murasama is technically obtainable in Pre-Hardmode, it cannot be swung until Jungle Dragon, Yharon has been defeated in the current world or if the user has a special name.

    How powerful is yharim? ›

    Rune Magic: Yharim has been noted several times in lore to be a skilled rune mage. Not only has he inscribed them onto his sword, but he has also shown that he can use them to seal entire castles within monsters, to the point where even a genius archmage like Permafrost or dozens of other sorcerers could not break it.

    What is the final weapon in calamity? ›

    The Final Dawn is a post-Moon Lord rogue weapon that drops from the Jungle Dragon, Yharon. When used it charges up and swings a large scythe that damages enemies and replenishes 40% of the player's maximum rogue stealth. Holding ▲ Up while charging up the scythe will cause it to be thrown out akin to a Boomerang.

    What is rare element calamity? ›

    The Rare Elemental in a Bottle is a Hardmode accessory that drops from Sand Elementals. While equipped, it summons a Rare Sand Elemental that summons healing orbs while the player is damaged.

    What is the fastest firing gun in calamity? ›

    The Minigun is a craftable post-Moon Lord gun that is an upgraded version of the Chain Gun. It shoots at an incredibly high rate, faster than any other weapon, but deals very low base damage.

    What is the max level Summoner? ›

    Maximum level is 300 with a 309% dmg boost. Cost increases by 20 Gold per level. Total cost at level 300 is 903,180 gold.

    What rank is black Summoner? ›

    He learns from Melfina that before reincarnating he made his Summoner class Rank S, the highest possible, making him the most powerful living Summoner, and as he is still only Level 1 he will become even more powerful as his Level increases.

    Is Summoner a female? ›

    According to Joon Hyung Kim, the Summoner was designed to be feminine in contrast to most other demons.

    Is Gold worm rare in Terraria? ›

    The Gold Worm is a critter. It is a rare, golden recolor of an ordinary Worm, with a 1/400 (0.25%) / 1/150 (0.67%) chance of spawning in place of the ordinary version.

    How rare is the Kraken in Terraria? ›

    The Kraken is a Hardmode yoyo that has a 0.25*1/400 (0.25%) chance to drop from any enemy in the post-Plantera Dungeon.

    Can you get 2 demon hearts in Terraria? ›

    It permanently grants the player an extra accessory slot, for use only within Expert and Master worlds. This effect does not stack and may only be used once per player. If a player opens the Wall of Flesh's Treasure Bag after they have already consumed a Demon Heart, another one will not be obtained.

    How much gold is 1 minion wave? ›

    Melee Minions are spawned in each wave. On the Twisted Treeline map they give 29 gold, and the value increases by 1 gold after the 1st wave and another 1 gold every 5 minutes after that. On Summoners Rift, they give 20 gold on death in the first wave.

    Is 7 cs per minute good? ›

    7 to 9 CS is good, and you should consider learning how to CS better if you are consistently getting less than 7 CS (For anyone looking to learn how to improve your CS, there's an article linked at the bottom about CSing).

    Is Ocram a hard boss? ›

    Despite Ocram being a Hardmode boss in 1.2, it only drops Lesser Healing Potions. Ocram, along with several other console-exclusives, was removed from most platforms in an effort to bring more uniformity across the various platform versions of Terraria.

    Which calamity boss is final? ›

    Draedon is a master blacksmith and cyborg scientist, and the player battles against his Exo Mechs: Ares, Apollo, Artemis, and Thanatos. Alongside Calamitas, they are the final bosses of the Calamity Mod, excluding superbosses. They are summoned anywhere by pressing the Contact button on a fully completed Codebreaker.

    What boss is after Moon Lord? ›

    Providence, the Profaned Goddess is a fiery deity of light and dark with 330,000 health ( 528,000 in Expert Mode, and 600,000 in Revengeance Mode). She is the first major Post-Moon Lord boss, and her defeat causes several prior bosses to be buffed. She is summoned in the Hallow or the Underworld using a Profaned Core.

    What is the best summoner weapon for Empress of Light calamity? ›

    Summoner - Despite being the weakest class in Terraria, Summoners are powerful against the Empress of Light. Their minions can target her and deal consistent damage, so the player can freely dodge her bullet-hell-style attacks. There are many viable Summoner weapons, but the Sanguine Staff is possibly the best.

    What is the best enchantment for summoner calamity? ›

    Menacing and Warding are generally the best ones for all classes.

    What is the best summoner weapon for devourer of gods calamity? ›

    Wooden Arrows will do the most damage against the Devourer because of the typhoons they create. Elysian or Bloodfire Arrows can be decent alternatives.

    Is Terraprisma a summoner weapon? ›

    Although its sprite appears to be a sword, it is actually a summon weapon.

    What is the most overpowered sword in Terraria? ›

    So, TL;DR – the most powerful sword you can craft is the Zenith. What is considered to be an amalgamation of many cool swords from throughout the game, Zenith is one of Terraria's best weapons and obliterates any enemy with ease.

    Are there summoner whips in calamity? ›

    Not to be confused with summoning items for bosses or events. Summon weapons are weapons which summon minions or sentries that deal summon damage. The Calamity Mod does not currently add any new whips to the game. For a rough estimate of progression order, consider sorting the table by rarity.

    When can I use Murasama? ›

    Although Murasama is technically obtainable in Pre-Hardmode, it cannot be swung until Jungle Dragon, Yharon has been defeated in the current world or if the user has a special name. It possesses a larger than normal critical strike chance.

    What is the most powerful armor in calamity? ›

    Demonshade Armor is arguably the most powerful armor set available in the Calamity Mod, although the wider array of status effects granted by the Auric Tesla armor may make that desirable in some cases.

    What is the best summoner? ›

    Terraria: 10 Best Summoner Minions
    • Imp. Out of all the pre-hardmode minions, the Imp's single attacks deal the most damage. ...
    • Vampire Frog. ...
    • Flinx. ...
    • Spider. ...
    • Desert Tiger. ...
    • Raven. ...
    • Stardust Cell. ...
    • Sanguine Bat.
    Oct 3, 2021

    What is the most overpowered Terraria weapon? ›

    5 best weapons in Terraria
    • Terraprisma. You could say that Terraprisma is one of the most powerful weapons in Terraria. ...
    • Space gun. If you're more of a gun person, you need to get your hands on this Space Gun. ...
    • Sunfury. ...
    • Daedalus Stormbow. ...
    • Dark Lance Spear.
    Apr 1, 2022

    What weapon does yharim use? ›

    The Tyrant Yharim's Ultisword is a craftable Hardmode broadsword that autoswings. It will shoot out a red blade which homes in on enemies and gradually slows to a stop, similar to the blades created by Pumpking.

    Which calamity is better for summoner crimson or corruption? ›

    In general, the Corruption is easier but has less powerful loot and the Crimson is harder and as a result has more powerful loot.

    What can the Summoner drop? ›

    Finally, every end-tile that didn't spawn The Summoner contains 3 Super-Chests. They can drop up to a Vex Rune and a large quantity of Charms, Gems, and Jewelry.

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