Genshin Impact Healer Tier List [Genshin Impact Best And Worst Healer Revealed] (2023)

Adventures are difficult and dangerous, each adventurer braves perils and obstacles no ordinary citizen could ever imagine. One of the most important roles in every party is the healer. When you’re on the brink of death and your other characters are struggling as well, the healer comes in and saves the day by restoring everyone’s health. Healers in Genshin Impact can even be used as a DPS, restoring health while killing off enemies in a flash.

This tier list will rank all Genshin Impact healers from who’s the best in healing and keeping the team alive, to who is the least favorable in healing the team.


If Genshin Impact’s statue of the seven is a character, this tier would embody that. These healers are a must-have and they could easily restore the party’s health without breaking a sweat. Even as they help deal damage and claim victory for the team, these healers will keep everyone’s health bars full consistently.

  • Kokomi (99/100)
  • Jean (98/100)
  • Bennett (97/100)


A-tier healers are remarkable on the field and are known for keeping your team alive. Damage dealers? Healers? Supporters? No problem, they got it covered. They heal the team as much as they can and make sure that everyone can survive.

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  • Barbara (95/100)
  • Diona (94/100)
  • Sayu (94/100)


These healers are ideal for anyone who’s looking for a healer to fill in the group while still synergizing the team enough to deal great damage and efficiently explore. B-tier gets the job done and makes sure the party’s in shape to successfully finish each run.

  • Qiqi (89/100)
  • Kuki Shinobu (89/100)
  • Noelle (87/100)
  • Xingqiu (86/100)
  • Dori (86/100)


Surprisingly, these characters could heal in any condition, they could keep your party members somehow alive and make sure they still have their health bars away from the brink of death. They’ll probably need a lot of work and good artifacts, but they’ll be good healers that may get the job done.

  • C4 Gorou (82/100)
  • C6 Zhongli (80/100)

1. Kokomi

Genshin Impact Healer Tier List [Genshin Impact Best And Worst Healer Revealed] (1)

The priestess of Watatsumi Island is truly an All-rounder, she has a lot of roles to fill in and would definitely need more naps to power up.

The leader and priestess of Watatsumi Island is known for supporting and guiding her troops to victory, hence it’s no surprise how she can also heal effectively. She could use her hydro abilities to keep the team in shape and scales off of HP which helps her healing skills greatly.

Why is Kokomi S-Tier?

  • Kokomi’s build and skills are based on her HP which can boost both her healing and damage. This makes her both a healer and a damage dealer.
  • Her skill continuously heals characters or party members surrounding its AoE field. Its initial cast or the heal you obtain from when you first cast the skill can heal based on her HP stat and will continue healing the party in huge quantities while serving as Hydro support.
  • Kokomi’s skill has two benefits: It can heal the entire party as she attacks and her attack damage is also based on her HP. The more you increase Kokomi’s HP, the more her Burst Attack and healing grow.
  • Kokomi’s healing is high on its own, but increasing your constellations up to C2 gives her more healing benefits. Her skill will gain a healing bonus of 4.5% of her HP while her burst’s normal and charged attacks gain a healing bonus of 0.6% of Kokomi’s HP.
  • Kokomi has a unique passive skill wherein her CRIT rate may be greatly decreased, but her healing is boosted by 25%

2. Jean

Genshin Impact Healer Tier List [Genshin Impact Best And Worst Healer Revealed] (2)

(Video) COMPLETE HEALER GUIDE! Best Builds For EVERY Healer (with Abyss Showcase) | Genshin Impact

A great and responsible leader as well as a role model of the citizens, Jean embodies the role of a knight and excels as the Acting Grand Master.

The acting grand master of the Knights of Favonius demonstrates great skill in both combat and healing. Her skills are perfect for both, making her an ideal healing character that could also be a damage dealer that could fend off enemies easily.

Why is Jean S-Tier?

  • Jean functions as both a damage dealer and a healer, she can heal the entire party while performing her normal attacks alone based on her ATK.
  • While building Jean, you can still build her as a DPS while also improving her healing, her healing is scaled around her ATK stat.
  • Jean’s elemental burst regenerates huge amounts of healing for the team and an AoE anemo field that can also serve as an anemo infusion.
  • Spamming Jean’s burst to heal the team won’t be a problem, each use will regenerate 20% of her energy, a huge fraction that helps and allows her less time to fill her burst.
  • While it heals, Jean’s burst can also cleanse debuffs like Slowing water and Corrosion, which can help buff and heal your team much more effectively without any hindrance to her skills.

3. Bennett

Genshin Impact Healer Tier List [Genshin Impact Best And Worst Healer Revealed] (3)

Another role for the beloved Bennett who is truly one of Genshin Impact's best support characters, if only the other Adventurers can open their eyes.

The loveable and unlucky adventurer is another great healer for your team. He may get into a lot of accidents but he’s adept and a great healer! He’s the ultimate support character, after all. He can get the team through anything.

Why is Bennett S-Tier?

(Video) I made an ONLY healer team because I hate damage

  • Bennett is an all-around, indispensable support character, he can support and heal the team through his burst which can be charged quickly by his fast-recovering skill.
  • To fully maximize his healing, he can use both ATK and HP-related stats for his artifacts. ATKs can help with his buffs while his HP can boost his healing.
  • Bennett can also cleanse the team’s debuffs, he’s useful against Corrosion, Slowing Water, and Engulfing Storm which slows down characters and their skills as well as decreases their HP over time.
  • His burst not only provides pyro AoE, when casting the skill it initially heals the team and consistently regenerates large amounts of HP.
  • His first constellation allows his burst’s ATK boost to not have an HP restriction. This allows his elemental burst to continuously buff and effectively heal the party without any restrictions.

4. Barbara

Genshin Impact Healer Tier List [Genshin Impact Best And Worst Healer Revealed] (4)

Barbara praying to Barbatos, definitely wishing that she'll be appreciated more as a truly consistent healer. And that she is.

The Deaconess of the Favonius Church is a sweet singer who can heal your party with her gentle melodies. Barbara is a fitting healer that can help you from earlier on in the game and even as you progress. She’s an ultimate healer with a special talent.

Why is Barbara S-Tier?

  • Barbara’s skills are also focused on healing and health as her stats center around her HP. The more you increase her health, the more she can heal.
  • Her elemental skill initially heals the active character with a huge quarter of their HP, up to 50%. It consistently heals as it is active and while she performs her normal attacks. She can also heal four times the amount of her normal heals when using her charged attack in the duration of her skill.
  • Her elemental burst can heal the entire party up to its full health over time or even upon casting it. Her healing burst is based on her maximum HP.
  • One of her passives prolongs her elemental skill’s duration by 1 second every time an active character regenerates an energy particle. This can prolong her skill’s healing while a character is attacking.
  • Her constellations are all based on her healing and are worth maxing out. Her maximum constellation, c6, allows Barbara to automatically revive a fallen character and regenerate their HP to 100% every 15 minutes in the game.

5. Diona

Genshin Impact Healer Tier List [Genshin Impact Best And Worst Healer Revealed] (5)

An early morning for Diona, definitely a day to go out and look for ingredients to tarnish the wine industry, even if she does fail to do so in the end.

The cunning and talented bartender of the Cat’s Tail can concoct more than just amazing drinks, she could also heal your entire team with her abilities. She’s an amazing character that assists the team with her amazing abilities, and that includes her healing skills.

(Video) BUBBLE SHOWDOWN! Who's the CLAMMIEST Healer?! Genshin Impact

Why is Diona A-Tier?

  • Diona’s both a healer and a shielder, she can protect your character’s HP and regenerate it as well. Both skills scale on her maximum HP.
  • Diona can also be useful in cooking, her passive skill allows her to produce more than one of any restorative food when she is used in cooking by 12%.
  • Her Burst can heal herself and any active party member while it’s on the field, the healing it generates is based on her HP and consistently heals in the duration of her burst.
  • With that, her skill serves as an effective battery, quickly regenerating her energy to spam her burst and continue healing and supporting the team while providing a strong shield.
  • Diona’s constellations may be worth noting as her c1 increases the energy she generates by 4 extra particles. Her c6, however, can increase a character’s incoming healing by 30% when their HP is below 50 percent and boosts their elemental mastery by 200 when their HP is above 50%

6. Sayu

Genshin Impact Healer Tier List [Genshin Impact Best And Worst Healer Revealed] (6)

You caught a wild Sayu! She may or may not run away to get more naps, after all she needs her naps to grow.

Sayu may usually be known as a lazy ninja, but her skills warrant her a deserving place in the Shuumatsuban. Her skills range from damage to healing, and she’s quite the effective healer for your team.

Why is Sayu A-Tier?

  • Sayu’s heals are based on her ATK and Elemental Mastery, hence you can build her as a support or a damage dealer while also improving her healing ability.
  • When Sayu inflicts the swirl effect upon enemies, she can restore 300 HP to all your characters and nearby allies.
  • Because of the heals when inflicting swirl, Sayu can heal characters using both her skill and her burst, which is imbued with the power of anemo.
  • In Sayu’s elemental burst, she can heal active characters and any teammate near the character. When a character’s HP is lower than 70% it will heal that character first, when there are no opponents present on the field it can heal all party members–however, her passive allows healing for allies near the healed character for 20% the amount of HP.
  • To unlock her healing potential and maximize her Burst’s heal, Sayu’s first constellation is ideal to unlock. It allows her burst to ignore the 70% HP restrictions and continuously heal all party members while attacking enemies with anemo consistently. Her C6 also increases her healing by 3 for every point of her Elemental Mastery, this allows her to restore up to 6,000 additional HP.

And there you have it, Genshin Impact’s best healers. Although people underestimate the power of this role, it doesn’t mean that it’s of no importance. In fact, having healers makes your team even stronger and much more capable of braving through domains and combat. It’s important to build and keep a healer, you’ll never know when you need their help.

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Who is the best 4 star healer Genshin? ›

Kokomi and Bennett are far and away the best healers in all of Genshin Impact. The first is honorary archon Bennett. The four-star unit is already one of the best supports in Genshin Impact thanks to Fantastic Voyage.

Is Sayu a better healer than Barbara? ›

Compared to Barbara, Sayu has better per hit healing with her burst than Barbara has with her elemental skill. On the other hand, Barbara does just beat Sayu in terms of immediate healing with her elemental burst; this effectively puts the two on near equal footing as far as healing potential is concerned.

Why Qiqi is the best healer? ›

Qiqi's healing is beyond impressive, as she can often overheal her team in the endgame. The secret to her healing is the "Fortune-Preserving Talisman'' she puts on enemies. Any character that deals damage to an enemy affected by this debuff will receive huge amounts of healing.

Who is the number 1 healer in Genshin? ›

Qiqi is still the best character in sheer healing capabilities in the cast so far, and this is her main asset as a character. Both her elemental burst and skill provide passive healing, meaning that it is easy to activate her skill and switch to a different character.

Who is the strongest 5 star in Genshin? ›

Venti is the best support in the game, and also the best Anemo character. He can easily change the layouts of the battlefield by introducing a vortex that sucks in all enemies, opening them up to stacks of Swirl elemental reactions.

Does Hu Tao need a healer? ›

Having a healer is crucial for Hu Tao's survivability, allowing players to continuously use her elemental skill without the fear of dying. However, players have to keep in mind that overhealing means Hu Tao can't benefit from her second passive.

Who is stronger SAYU or sucrose? ›

Moreover, Sayu's base stats are surprisingly higher than either Sucrose's and Venti's.

Can sucrose heal? ›

Nothing she does will heal the team, but like a fair few other Anemo adventurers, she's great at interrupting and displacing smaller enemies, pulling them into the range of her winds, and keeping them there long enough for other characters to bully.

Who heals better Kokomi or Qiqi? ›

Kokomi is definitely the better healer, since she can heal using both her skill and burst (Bennett can only heal using his burst), and her burst heals your whole party, including the off-field ones (Bennett only heals your active character, while the off-field doesn't get healed).

Who is better Qiqi or Diona? ›

Diona and Qiqi are both Cryo support units. Also, Diona is a 4-star character, while Qiqi is a standard 5-star character. Qiqi is a strong healer, but she does have kit issues that make her perform much worse than Diona – so Diona is easily better than Qiqi.

Who took care of Qiqi? ›

A zombie resurrected by magical beings and gods called the adepti, Qiqi now works at the Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor under the care of a strange man named Baizhu.

Is Raiden or Kokomi better? ›

Raiden Shogun has been an incredible pick in the game since her release. She synergizes well with many teams and can deal an insane amount of damage. Sangonomiya Kokomi, on the other hand, was initially overlooked by many players. However, she has since risen to a much higher value thanks to her healing.

Is Xingqiu a better healer than Barbara? ›

Barbara is the last Hydro character on the list, and she's another four-star healer like Xingqiu. However, she just isn't as good, and she doesn't provide all the other stats that Xingqiu does. Barbara can apply Hydro to enemies while also healing her party members.

Is Kokomi worth it? ›

Her high sustain and utility is something only she can provide, while her DPS builds pack a potent punch that can trivialize difficult content. If you have Primogems to spare, here are the reasons why you should pull for Kokomi: You need a strong Hydro support. You need a strong Hydro carry.

Who has the most DMG in Genshin? ›

Eula has the best attack damage in the game so far, working perfectly as your main damage character. Besides that, she is also great to trigger Cryo reactions. In Genshin Impact, an unity's value can come from how useful it can be to help other characters or to trigger elemental combinations without being in battle.

Who heals more jean or Qiqi? ›

Qiqi is the overall better healer because everything she does heals plus she is a good healer for any character.

Is time the best healer? ›

Time, according to the aphorism, is a great healer. Although primarily referring to affairs of the heart, the saying is also relevant to health. Many illnesses respond to the healing effect of time. But time is also a major constraint in modern healthcare.

Who is the weakest character in Genshin Impact? ›

Amber. Widely regarded, and derided, as the worst character in Genshin Impact, Amber has the misfortune of being the first character that players recruit. Although her Bow and Pyro abilities are useful for early puzzles, her actual combat skills are terrible.

Who is the most lucky character in Genshin? ›

Amber is, perhaps, the most upbeat and happy-go-lucky character in all of Genshin Impact, as well as the first character aside from Paimon that players are formally introduced to.

Is traveler a 5 star? ›

The Traveler, whether it's Aether (boy) or Lumine (girl) is the only free 5-star character that players will ever obtain.

Does Hu Tao know Qiqi? ›

In fact, Hu Tao has had poor Qiqi stuffed into a bag several times, only for Dr. Baizhu to stop the kidnapping in the nick of time. Hu Tao has scared Qiqi and is the one person the young girl hates. While Hu Tao now sees Qiqi as a friend, the feeling is not mutual and likely never will be.

Does Hu Tao hurt herself? ›

Hu Tao has an adorable little ghost companion that syncs up and synergizes with her core mechanics, which seem to hinge around self-injury for massive damage boosts. Don't worry, Hu Tao can heal herself via regeneration with her skillset as well.

Why is Qiqi scared of Hu Tao? ›

For example, the reason Qiqi thinks Hu Tao is so punchable is because Hu Tao often tries to literally bury Qiqi. Remember, Qiqi is a zombie - and therefore dead - so it makes sense that our funeral director hero would try and bury Qiqi's body for good, despite it quite clearly being undead.

What does C6 Sucrose do? ›

Just like all other Anemo characters that absorb elements into their skills, C6 Sucrose grants a 20% DMG buff to the element her Burst absorbs. With that, Sucrose becomes a complete support that buffs her team's Elemental Mastery and Elemental DMG with many other capabilities.

What age is Sayu Genshin? ›

Genshin Impact characters' ages, heights, and birthdays
Sayu14/154'6" / 138 cm
Shenhe25/30+5'5" / 165.1 cm
Shinobu16-185'2" / 158 cm
Sucrose185'2" / 157.4cm
57 more rows

Who works best with Sayu? ›

Xiangling. When you have Sayu's strong healing to rely on, you can focus more on DPS. Xiangling can dish out a lot of damage with her polearm and Pyro-based attacks. Having plenty of healing, she'll be able to go all out against any enemy you face.

What gender is sucrose? ›

Sucrose is a young girl with short, minty green hair with a single pale turquoise streak in her bangs.

Should I build Kaeya? ›

Kaeya is a versatile Cryo sword-user in Genshin Impact and secretly one of the best four star characters in the game. These are his best builds. Kaeya is one of Genshin Impact's most versatile and frequently overlooked characters.

Is Yanfei a healer? ›

When combined with the right weapon, Yanfei can become a shield-breaker, healer, and shielder while buffing damage output with pyro resonance. That's enough to balance out any adventure team.

Who is better Qiqi or keqing? ›

While Qiqi constantly heals her teammates, the rest of the team can dish out decent DPS. Keqing gives great maneuverability, whereas both Diluc and Venti boast powerful crowd control abilities. When in a pinch, Qiqi can provide emergency heals to ensure maximum survivability among the party.

Is Kokomi better healer than Bennett? ›

Kokomi is definitely the better healer, since she can heal using both her skill and burst (Bennett can only heal using his burst), and her burst heals your whole party, including the off-field ones (Bennett only heals your active character, while the off-field doesn't get healed).

Should I use Kokomi or Barbara? ›

Barbara is famously known to be a weak DPS unit that cannot take on that role at all. However, Kokomi's design leaves room for some DPS potential against weaker elements. Sadly, the end results also turned out to favor Barbara instead of Kokomi as she struggled heavily to take down enemies.

Who should I pair Diona with? ›

Diona's Cryo abilities will set up the potential for Melt Elemental Reactions, so pairing her with Pyro characters will allow you to take full advantage of this additional DMG.

Is Kaeya stronger than Diona? ›

New character Diona debuts in the middle of the pack, and it's just hard to compete with strong cryo options like Chongun and Qiqi. But she's certainly better than Kaeya.

How much HP should Diona have? ›

Despite being a healer and shielder that scales with HP, most players don't realize that her base HP is low. Diona has 9570 HP on level 90, the fourth-lowest of the 31 playable characters. In fact, all her base stats are on the lower end. Her attack is the seventh-lowest, and her defense ranks at the fourth lowest.

How was Qiqi killed? ›

She injured her leg in a nasty fall, and limped over to a cavern to rest and bandage up her wound. Then, Qiqi heard strange sounds that did not seem human, and was suddenly caught in the middle of a crossfire between the adepti and demons.

Can Qiqi revive the dead? ›

*Both Barbara and Qiqi also have the ability to revive characters when they reach max Constellation level.

Did Qiqi carry Xiao? ›

Yesterday, the developers released an animated trailer in which the guardian character Xiao passes out after fighting off scores of monsters. When he wakes up, the pharmacy assistant Qiqi explains that she carried him on her back.

Is Kokomi rerun worth it? ›

Yes, the Kokomi banner rerun is worth pulling on. The 5-star support character is one of the best healers in the entire game and can keep her allies' on their feet during even the toughest fights.

Should I get Yae Miko or Raiden Shogun? ›

Verdict: Raiden Shogun or Yae Miko

In summary, players should pull for Yae Miko if they: Can afford to pull for Kagura's Verity, or own The Widsith. Can build her with the mentioned Artifact sets. In need of a damage-exclusive Sub-DPS.

Who is Kokomi best with? ›

The best F2P team for Kokomi in Genshin Impact is arguably Sukokomon, where the lineup consists of only 4-star characters, excluding the priestess herself. Sucrose, Fischl, and Xiangling can all trigger their respective elements off-field with their Elemental Skill and Burst.

Is Yaoyao a healer? ›

Her Healing Is Not The Best

For example, Yaoyao's skill heals your active character for 3.26 percent of Max HP with an extra 392 at talent level 11. On the other hand, other characters that also heal the active character like Kuki Shinobu or Bennett have much higher scaling (up to 12 percent of max HP).

Does Sayu heal? ›

Other than with her Elemental Burst, Sayu will also heal the whole team when she triggers a Swirl reaction while on the field. This time, the healing scales with Elemental Mastery. Because of this, players have to know what kind of healing they want from Sayu. For a single heal, building on her attack is better.

Can Zhongli heal? ›

Zhongli is equal parts sub-DPS, support king, and even healer, thanks to last year's much-needed tweaks to how he functions.

Should I wish for Kokomi or Ganyu? ›

Overall, Genshin Impact players who currently want a strong DPS and don't mind the element should opt for Ganyu. Meanwhile, those who don't have a Hydro enabler or healer should consider Sangonomiya Kokomi.

Is Kokomi a fish? ›

Given that Kokomi is pretty much a mermaid, she's unsurprisingly a Hydro Catalyst wielder. While her kit renders her largey unsuitable for DPS roles, she does stand out as Genshin Impact's premium healer, being the only 5-star character to date build around that particular role.

Is Kokomi easy to pull? ›

Luckily, while her artifacts may be a hassle to get, Kokomi's weapon is very F2P friendly in Genshin Impact. Other than her premium Catalyst, Everlasting Moonglow, Travelers can easily equip Kokomi with the forgeable weapon, Prototype Amber.

Who is the most OP 4-star in Genshin? ›

15 4-Star Genshin Impact Characters Who Are Even Better Than 5-Star Characters
  1. 1 Bennett. Pyro Sword User.
  2. 2 Chongyun. Cryo Claymore User. ...
  3. 3 Xiangling. Pyro Polearm User. ...
  4. 4 Razor. Electro Claymore User. ...
  5. 5 Xingqiu. Hydro Sword User. ...
  6. 6 Ningguang. Geo Catalyst User. ...
  7. 7 Sucrose. Anemo Catalyst User. ...
  8. 8 Beidou. Electro Claymore User. ...
Aug 10, 2022

Who is the best 4-star Genshin? ›

Who is the best free 4-star Liyue character in Genshin Impact? If you want the best of the best and you don't have him yet, pick Xingqiu. His Rain Sword ability creates an almost constant source of Hydro and adds some extra damage to your active character's other attacks.

Who is the best healer in tof? ›

Cocoritter. Coco is the most powerful healer, and her healing is considered to be the highest among all. She is listed in A-tier. A staff is her weapon and is named as absolute zero, and as far as the element is concerned, it is ice with support resonance.

Who is the most overpowered character in Genshin? ›

Genshin Impact: 15 Strongest Characters, Ranked by Base DEF
  • 8 Kaedehara Kazuha (62/806)
  • 7 Tartaglia (63/814)
  • 6 Shenhe (64/830)
  • 5 Cyno (66/859)
  • 4 Hu Tao (68/876)
  • 3 Albedo (68/876)
  • 2 Qiqi (71/922)
  • 1 Itto (74/959)
Jan 16, 2023

Who is the strongest Genshin player? ›

Finally, the most current most powerful playable character in Genshin Impact lore-wise is the Geo Archon himself, Zhongli.

Who is the weakest 4 star in Genshin Impact? ›

Amber. Arguably the worst character in all of Genshin Impact, Amber's Pyro Bow abilities are overwhelmingly unimpressive, especially when compared with those of fellow Pyro Bow character Yoimiya.

Who is the best 4 star cryo? ›

Speaking of dealing cryo status in a large area, Chongyun is one of the best in the 4-star category. He's the only cryo claymore user, so he can be a decent DPS. However, his Elemental Burst, while damaging, is too small and can miss a lot.

Who is the best 5 star cryo in Genshin Impact? ›

1. Ganyu. Part-Adeptus, part-human, all Cryo, Ganyu is undoubtedly one of the most powerful DPS characters in Genshin Impact.

How to get Primogems fast? ›

All Possible Ways to Get Free Primogems in Genshin Impact
  1. Daily Commissions. Daily Commissions are unlocked upon reaching Adventure Rank 12 and they offer a consistent source of free Primogems every day. ...
  2. Spiral Abyss. ...
  3. Achievements. ...
  4. Quests. ...
  5. Exploration. ...
  6. Events. ...
  7. Serenitea Pot. ...
  8. Masterless Stardust and Starglitter Exchange.
Oct 31, 2022

Why is Ningguang a 4 star? ›

Another example is a Liyue-based character: Genshin Impact's Ningguang. She plays a central role in the Liyue Archon Quests and is also a member of the Qixing – the region's governing body. Despite this, she was designated as a 4-Star, while Keqing, who is also a member of the Qixing, was given 5-Star status.

Who is the master in healer? ›

Faith, repentance, baptism, a testimony, and enduring conversion lead to the healing power of the Lord.

Who is a good healer for Hu Tao? ›

Hu Tao's burst, "Spirit Soother," allows her to heal, but her healing is mostly inadequate. Without a healer, Hu Tao will be stuck at low HP and she'll be on the brink of death most of the time. A shielder can help with this problem, but so far, only Zhongli can provide a shield with 100% uptime.

What class is best for healer? ›

World Of Warcraft: The Best Classes For Healing
  • 5 Paladin.
  • 4 Shaman.
  • 3 Druid.
  • 2 Priest.
  • 1 Monk.
Oct 5, 2022


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